I started attending primary school in Klaipeda, Lithuania. My wonderful teacher created an after school theater program and our whole class was involved in all of the productions. We did Winnie the Pooh (I was the Owl and the Rabbit) and a couple of Lithuanian plays. Moreover, my teacher wanted to challenge me even more and thus submitted me to a national story telling competition. I had to pick a story or a tale, learn it, and re-tell it to the judges. I'm happy to say that I managed to win every time I was entered ;) Learning stories and re-telling them since I was 7 y.o. helped me develop my memory and made it so much easier to learn and remember things, and of course, tell stories!.  Now, as I am an actor, it is an absolute blessing! (and it helped me with all of my school exams... of course!)

When I switched to a British High School for my last 2 years of school - I selected theater studies as part of my A-levels. My wonderful teacher Ms.Ball reminded me just how much I loved acting, how big of a passion it was, and I decided then and there to apply for acting schools in London and New York. 

Here I am, 3 years later after having moved to NYC, an actor and content creator living The Big Apple. I am currently putting more focus on content creation, as I am very passionate about creating compelling stories in all forms: video, photo, written.

Being an incredibly hard worker and a passionate human, I love challenging myself and bringing big and sometimes not ordinary ideas to life. (Have you seen the video where I invited a bunch of strangers over for dinner?! It was AMAZING. Here.)

Anywaysssss, let’s create some dope and fun content and have a big smile on our faces whilst doing it!