January 16, 2018

It's already the middle of January! How?! We all know that time goes by fast, so we better make the best out of it! Every day!

What has happened in the past few months?

  • I booked a commercial for a Korean make-up brand, and we shot it mid December in times square! Apparently it's going to be streamed online and on tv in Korea, so I'm very excited that I got to be a part of a new foundation line for the brand!
  • I booked a role in a short film, and we're going to be shooting it late February.
  • I worked on a couple of projects at NYU Tisch, in their 3 camera studio. Got to play around and film 2 scenes.
  • Been doing lots of voice and speech work. If I skip my daily voice and speech work, I can feeeel it... hah. So I better stick to it!
  • Auditioning, auditioning, auditioning. Reading plays, reading books, doing some writing.
  • Working on my Youtube channel. It's great to have more than 1 creative outlet, so on top of working on my acting, I love making fun and motivational videos on Youtube. 

Making myself happy, every day!

xo, G.

Gabie Rudyte