Born in Klaipeda, Lithuania, I was always a very active child. My summers were filled with lots of basketball and football matches, skateboarding, swimming, cycling and running. When school started, I would be involved in sports activities, after school theatre club and national story telling competitions (which I also happen to win... 3 years in a row! ) 

In 2010 I moved to The Hague, The Netherlands with my best friend, - my mother. I attended an International school for 3 years and then a British high school for the last 2. It had always been my dream to go to an international school, as I am in love with the English language, and wanted to meet people from all over the world! My school was filled with people from over 85 different countries, and this made me very interested in travel and culture. I'm happy to say that now I've got friends all over the world! 

 Right after graduation I moved across the ocean, from The Hague to New York, to attend the Tom Todoroff Acting conservatory. Having to start a life without knowing anyone on this side of the world, I was ready to conquer this exciting challenge! Moreover, I wanted to live in New York for as long as I could remember, so this was, and still continues to be, a dream come true.

2 years later, here I am, a graduate from a wonderful conservatory, ready to sink my teeth into this wonderful craft. I am also an athlete, a certified personal trainer, and a video creator! I create weekly videos on Youtube, as I love exploring different art forms. I also run, lift, punch and kick, swim, balance and cycle. Anything that gets me moving and sweating! I'm the crazy one who jumps out of the bed at 5 in the morning, with a huge smile on my face, ready to get my sweat on. As active as I am, each day I take 25 minutes out of my day to meditate and re-centre myself.  I may be a health and fitness addict, but I still let myself enjoy all the delicious treats here and there ;) It's all about balance... right?