Keep this in mind

If you saw my video from a couple of days ago (this) I picked up my note book of quotes, closed my eyes, and found a random page in the book. Then I pointed to a random spot, opened my eyes and read the quote! It was exactly what I needed to hear. (Want to know what quote it was, check out the video ;) )

Today I decided to do the same thing.
I have the note book by my side, and I will open it right now, and read a random quote.

Before this random act, however, I want to set an intention, and that intention is
What do I need to keep in mind this week?

Okay, here we go.




It is easier to just observe things as they are than it is to choose a different thought. And as people observe things as they are, life brings them more of the same, and in time, people come to believe that they do not have control.

Okay, wow, yes.

It is always easier to let things be the same than take action and change them. It’s easier to sit on the couch and eat than get up and go workout. It’s easier to be lazy than be productive. It’s easier to be ‘stuck’ in an unwanted situation, than get up, summon all of your courage, and change it.

Also, this quote touches up on the law of attraction.
‘What you think, you will attract.’
’As you think, so shall you be.’
’What you focus on, expands.’

So, things to keep in mind this week. (For you AND for me.)
1. Your thoughts have immense power
2. Focus on that which you want
3. If there’s something unwanted in your life — take action and change it.

Hopefully we both won’t forget this.

xo, G.