Heal Yourself

So… I recently found out something…

I’m scared to speak up.

Doesn’t matter the situation: If I need to confront somebody, express my thoughts and feelings in a group setting or simply order a coffee whilst in a long line — I. GET. SCARED.

Let me explain…

It’s not that I’m actually scared to express my thoughts and feelings and opinions, but I realized that I am scared to be seen and heard, and I worry about other people’s thoughts. A few months ago I realized that whenever I went to a cafe to order a coffee, when placing my order, my voice would get very soft, quiet and small. I observed myself whilst it happened, and I was…. curious.

More past experiences started making their way into my head:
Never expressing my thoughts in school projects and assignments, not sharing my opinions in group settings and being scared to confront somebody about an issue.

We all have certain patterns, subconscious habits and beliefs that control us in one way or another. When we were little, we formed all kinds of beliefs about life, relationships and people, and no matter what beliefs we hold — they are there to protect us. However, just because they are meant to protect us, does’t mean they are there to serve us.

It’s a beautiful thing when we become aware of these things. I’m so, so happy that I uncovered this mystery myself, because I am ready to start working on it and I am ready for healing to take place! I am ready to be seen, be heard, and express my thoughts and feelings with no fear.

I invite you to take a look at your life.
Your relationships
Your work and career
Your emotional well being
Your physical well being

What thoughts come up?
What habits and patterns can you see taking place?

Are you a people pleaser? Are you scared to speak up? Are you constantly in unhealthy and abusive relationships? Always doing things for others but you never get anything back in return?

Really sit down and think about this.
I want you to be the best YOU, but in order for us to get there — we have to take care of the wounds and the blocks! Me sharing my fear and my wound is an invitation for you to do the same.

Much love,