It ain't always fun

The other day I was at the gym, and towards the end of my hour-long workout, I came up with a crazy idea.

I wanted to do 100 burpees.
That's right, one hundred burpees. (If you don't know what burpees are - google it. They're brutal)

I decided to challenge myself mentally and physically, and see if I could do it.
Well, okay, not see if I could do it, but prove to myself that I can do it.

10, 20, 30... it's going pretty well. My heart rate is through the roof, but I keep going. Around the 40th one, however, sneaky thoughts start to enter my mind.
'Maybe I should do only 50... 50 is still a lot, so it'll be fine'
'This is getting really hard. Stop it. Why am I even doing this?'
'Why the heck did I think this was a good idea? This is so hard'
'I can just stop, and no one will know.'

The only problem was that I would know.

I kept pushing. I kept going. The last 30 burpees my feet were dragging and my legs and lungs were on fire. I told myself I'll do this, so I can't quit now.
The last 10 burpees were pure FIRE. I got a sudden burst of energy because I realized how far I've come (90 burpees!!!) and I finished strong, sweaty, and proud.

Why am I telling you this? About my 100 burpees?
Because there's a great life lessons here.

The idea of doing something is always very exciting.
Being a lawyer, being a musician, building a business, winning the Olympics, writing a book... but we often forget how much work it takes.

And you know what? Doing the work isn't always fun! 
When we tell ourselves 'I want to be a musician', we don't often think about all the endless hours of practicing, working on your craft, hustling to get a record deal, traveling non stop, making connections, having to make difficult decisions.

When we tell ourselves 'I want to win the Olympics', the idea of winning is wonderful and glorious, and it's our 'ultimate goal', but we forget that it involves countless of hours of training, sweat, pain, sore muscles, injuries, tears, strict regimes, defeat and repetition.

My point is: Pursuing your 'dream' won't always be exciting, happy and jolly! Some days you'll feel exhausted and defeated, you'll ask yourself 'who even cares?', you'll wonder if this is the right thing, you'll question your talent and capabilities. 

But you have to keep going. If this is REALLY something that you want - don't stop. don't quit. Do whatever it takes, put your heart and soul into it, and remember...

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

xo, G.