She's here to teach

"Because the Universe is so excited for you to be all you can be, it is going to send you all the learning experiences you need."

I shared this quote on my Instagram recently. You can check out the post here. I couldn't agree more with this quote, and if you know anything about me, you KNOW that Universe is my bff. I can talk about her all day every day, I love her more than words can describe, she's good to me (& I'm good to her), but sometimes... she throws some challenges my way!

Whether it's a challenging situation at work, your business isn't going well or you're dealing with a difficult relationship, I believe that all these things are here to teach us something. 

Haven't you noticed that all successful people, no matter the field, always say the same thing: "I had a lot of challenges along the road, a lot of hardship, failure... but I wouldn't change a thing. It taught me a lot, and it made me who I am today."

BAM. Isn't that beautiful? What if we looked at every situation with the mindset of:

'What can this situation teach me?' 'What do I need to learn here?'

The funny thing is, and I'm talking from my personal experience, when we don't learn certain lessons in life, they keep re-appearing over and over until we finally learn them! Isn't The Universe funny? (I know, sometimes it can seem more 'annoying' than funny, but trust me, she just wants the best for us.)

I'm currently in a similar situation myself! I have certain habits that aren't the best when it comes to communication and expressing my thoughts & feelings. I've had them for years, and my mom used to point it out to me when I was a teenager. It used to make me even more frustrated. However, now that I live across the ocean, those lessons have come back to haunt me! (okay... not haunt me, but teach me!) 

My partner Ryan started pointing out the same things that my mom used to say to me for years. I guess there isn't such a thing as running away from your lessons! After all, I moved across the ocean and a completely different person, on a different side of the world, started telling me THE SAME things that my mom used to tell me. 

Well... all I can say is that finally I'm beginning to learn my lessons. Thanks mom! (Check out my life lessons video here)

I want you to look at all difficult situations with a light heart. The Universe, and life, wants you to learn all these lessons so you can be THE BEST version of yourself! One of my favorite books is 'The Universe has your back' by Gabby Bernstein. There she talks a lot about life lessons that The Universe is wanting to teach us. She, too, explains that when we don't learn certain things - they will keep re-appearing, disguised as different people!

For instance, she mentions that sometimes we keep dating different people, only to find out that in one way or another they're all the same! (or shall I say, they trigger us in the same way!) Have you had that experience? I know people who are very close to me who had this happen over and over for years! You do your best to run away from a certain lesson, only to find out that it's waiting for your around the corner, with arms wide open!

Funny how this stuff works... 

Take some time to look at your challenges with an open heart, and a clear mind. Say to yourself 'What can I learn from this?'

I would love to hear from you in the comments below! What are you currently learning? Did something specific stand out in this post?

xo, G.


You can purchase 'The Universe has your back' book HERE.