It's okay to not be okay

"Emotions are like waves. We can't stop them from coming, but we can choose which ones to surf."

I'm not feeling that great today.
Nothing happened. Everything is great, actually, but I just feel a little off.
It's like I have this little, teeny cloud over my head.

I'm quite enjoying this odd, unexplainable sadness. A few years back I would beat myself up every time I wasn't cheerful or excited. After all, I was always the happy girl. Always smiling, always excited about life, always full of positivity. So... whenever I felt anything but that, I used to feel bad about it.

Now, thankfully, it’s the complete opposite. When I feel off, when I feel angry, when I feel upset - I let myself fully feel those emotions. This doesn't mean I have to act on them, or 'surf' them. Just because I'm feeling angry, it doesn't mean I have to go and scream at someone.
It just means that I let myself be angry. I'm observing my anger, trying to understand where and how it came to be.

Becoming friends with it, for a moment.

Today is just one of those days.
It's raining outside, it's cold, and my feelings seem to reflect this gloomy weather. I'm not trying to change my feelings, I'm just letting myself be.

I just want to remind you:
You don't have to always be jolly, happy, and over-the-moon excited. We're human beings, and we need to feel all of our emotions. We are who we are because of all the good, and the bad. The happy, and the sad. The ups, and the downs.

So... if you're not feeling that great today, allow yourself to feel this way. fully.
If you need to cry, cry.
If you need to just sit here and stare through the window, do that.
It's okay to feel off. You need to feel off.

Make a cup of tea, grab a blanket, and just let yourself feel.

Lots of love,