Our highest self: what is it?

Let me start off by saying that I already wrote this whole blog post. I explained how our shadow and highest self is based on our decisions. I talked about a deep meditation that I did where I saw these both sides of me. I explained how our shadow/highest self is determined by

What we say
What we think
What we believe
What we do

Then, once the post was complete, I accidentally closed the window.

Without saving it.

Right after it happened, I realized what I had done.
I was sitting here on the floor, frozen.
’Did I just…. wait. Did I just… close… this… without…?


My next thought was:
’Universe, is this a joke? Are you trying to TEST ME right now?’

It’s as if The Universe was saying to me:

‘We loved the post that you wrote, Gabie. Great job — really! Loved how you said that in each moment we get to choose if we are being our shadow self or our highest self. Now… just to test out that you’re working on being your own highest self, let’s close off this post that you worked so hard on and see how you react. Okay? Okay!’

Practice what you preach, they say. Practice what you preach…

So yes. Here I am! Hi! Again! I know you didn’t get the chance to read that wonderful post that I wrote (it was really good, honestly) but I guess with this hilarious & unexpected story, you understand what I’m trying to get across when I talk about our shadow and our highest self.

Do we choose words of anger or words of compassion?
To resent or to forgive?
To let the outside circumstances dictate how we feel or not?

Note to self: Anger is a chosen response

We don’t just wake up one morning with a very strong, healthy and fit body. It’s the decisions that we make, day in and day out, that make us fit.
One healthy meal at a time.
One workout at a time.
One extra hour of sleep at a time.

I did a very deep and incredible meditation a few days ago. This guided meditation was about seeing my highest and shadow selves. It was incredibly profound and I was left in awe.

The meditation left me feeling powerful, because once again I was reminded that we get to create our highest selves every minute of every day.
It’s in the decisions that we make, words we speak, thoughts we think, beliefs we carry and actions we take (and don’t take) that our highest self is created.

What do you chose?

I might not have a very detailed, scientific, in-depth answer to the question: what is our highest self? However, every single one of us has a different view of what our highest self looks like. Take a piece of paper and at the top write:

My highest self

Then, write whatever it is that comes to mind when you think about your highest self. For me, for example, it might go something like this:
”She is someone who sees love and the divine in all beings. She is confident, speaks up and stands up for what she believes in. Takes care of her physical and mental health. Meditates daily. Is her own boss. She is passionate, joyful and compassionate. She takes criticism with a smile and doesn’t get defensive. She inspires healing in others.”

Write whatever it is that comes to mind. Don’t over think it, don’t analyze it, don’t question it. Put that pen to paper and let it flow.

So, my question for you, dear reader, is this:
Who do you choose to be today? Your Highest self, Or your Shadow self?